Thursday, September 29, 2011


Have you checked out LOIS yet – my free monthly newsletter with Lots Of Interesting Stuff?

The premiere issue – July 2011 – included:

·      Did You Know: Law and Order
·      IRS Increases Standard Mileage Allowance
·      Sometimes It’s OK to Say Never
·      Debit Cards VS Credit Cards
·      My Heart Will Be Blessed With the Sound of Music
·      On the Road Again: San Antonio

The August 2011 issue included:

·      Did You Know: South Pacific
·      Tax Bloggers Offer Their Best Advice
·      Tips for Completing Your Social Security Application Online
·      Unclaimed Property
·      LBJ Took the IRT Down to 4th Street USA. When He Got There What Did He See? The Youth of America on LSD!

And the September 2011 issue included:

·      Did You Know: It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman
·      Is an MBA Deductible?
·      Update - More Unclaimed Property
·      1040 Basics – Taxation of Mutual Funds
·      Ramblings (of a Relatively Sane Mind)
·      Unanswered Questions

Each issue also contains SURFING USA and ALWAYS LEAVE ‘EM LAUGHING.

The October 2011 issue is almost ready to “go to press” – with more interesting stuff.

If you like LOIS you are welcome to pass it around and email it to all your friends and family – IT’S FREE!


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