Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I love dollar stores.  You can get a lot of good stuff in dollar stores.  I have decided to start my own.

The following reports are available for ONLY $1.00 EACH!

*  2014 YEAR END TAX PLANNING GUIDE - During the last two months of the year you can do a lot to make sure you pay the absolute least amount of federal and state income tax for 2014.  My guide discusses year-end tax planning strategies, and includes a 2014 Preliminary Return worksheet, a 2014 Alternative Minimum Tax worksheet, and the tax information for 2014 needed to prepare your preliminary return as well as the information for tax year 2015.

* CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS GUIDE – I provide detailed information on what is and is not deductible and the rules for claiming a deduction for your charitable giving, and include several worksheets for keeping track of deductible charitable contributions.
* MEDICAL EXPENSE GUIDE - A detailed listing of what you can deduct as a medical expense on Schedule A - if you are lucky, or unlucky, enough to have enough expenses to exceed the AGI exclusion - plus several worksheets to help you keep track of your deductions.

* MORTGAGE INTEREST GUIDE – I discuss what you can deduct as mortgage interest on Schedule A, who can claim the deduction, types of mortgage debt, limitations on deductible mortgage interest, refinancing, and points, and provide worksheets, with complete instructions and detailed examples, for keeping track of acquisition debt and home equity debt.

* SURFING USA – A compilation of useful, interesting and humorous sites I have discovered during my “travels” on the web.

These reports will be sent to you as email attachments.

If you like TWTP, and find my posts helpful, educational and/or entertaining you can show your love and support, and help to keep it alive, by buying one or more of my $1.00 reports.

For $2.00 each I will mail you a printed copy.

Send $1.00, or $2.00, for each guide you want (make checks or money orders payable to Taxes and Accounting, Inc), and your email, or postal, address, to –


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