Friday, August 19, 2016


If I may be permitted some shameless self-promotion . . .
I have added a new special report to MY DOLLAR STORE, titled “Introduction to Income Taxes”.
This report is truly a very basic introduction to the subject of income taxes for the true “great unwashed masses” (I use that term in this context lovingly, as did my mentor when he first introduced it to me). 
The purpose of this report is to try to explain some basics of income tax planning and preparation for the taxpayer who really has no clue about the subject – and just gives his or her “stuff” to a tax professional each year and hopes for the best.
I firmly believe that even if you use a tax professional to prepare your tax returns, which is a good and intelligent thing to do, you should have a basic understanding of tax terms and concepts.  As I have been saying for decades now, the more you know about taxes, the better prepared you will be when visiting with your preparer at tax time.
As an aside, this report is something that should be read by the idiots in Congress, who have shown by their constant complication of the US Tax Code that they really don’t know their arse from a hole in the ground when it comes to federal taxation – often especially those who actually create tax legislation.  The incompetent and unproductive Congress rarely has any real knowledge of the issues that they attempt to address, or rather that they manage to avoid addressing.
There is a third use for this report.  It can, I believe, also be used as the basis for a high school economics lesson on income taxes.  I will provide free reprint rights to this report as a classroom handout to any public school system that asks (email me at
The report includes a glossary to explain some of the terms and concepts discussed, a listing of the appropriate numbers for 2016 tax returns, and a brief history of the federal income tax.
Since I have said this report is an addition to MY DOLLAR STORE I expect you can guess that it costs only $1.00, which is true if delivered as a pdf email attachment.  A print version is available for $2.00, sent via postal mail.
If you have found any of the posts here at TWTP helpful in the past you can always show your appreciation by purchasing one or more of my special tax reports and guides.  In addition to MY DOLLAR STORE I also offer more detailed and comprehensive tax guides for $2.00, or $4.00, each.  Click here to find out about the $2.00 guides.  Your purchase(s) will be greatly appreciated and help to keep TWTP alive and kicking.
If you would like a copy of this new report send your check or money order for $1.00, or $2.00, and your email, or postal, address to –

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