Thursday, June 21, 2012


To celebrate the beginning of summer I want to make a very special offer to tax professionals.

As you probably know, I have been preparing 1040s since 1972. Over the years I have developed a collection of forms, schedules and worksheets that have proven very helpful in my practice. 

Some of my “homemade” forms are given to clients to help them provide me with the information I need to properly prepare their returns. Some are used as “memos” to the client’s copy and my office file copy to back-up items reported on the returns. Others are used as attachments to the returns.

I generally offer this compilation for $6.00.  As a special summer offer you can have this forms package for only $3.00 if your order is postmarked by July 31, 2012!

The package will be sent as a “word document” email attachment, so you may edit and revise them as you see fit to personalize them to your firm, customize them be more relevant to your particular practice or clients or specific professions, or update them for annual COLAs or tax law changes.

Here is a listing of what is included in the package.


1. Supplement to Schedule A
2. Medical Expense Worksheet
3. Medical Expenses – Out of Pocket Anaylsis
4. Charitable Contribution Listing – for non-cash contributions
5. Charitable Contribution Record – for cash contributions (2 pages)
6. Charitable Mileage Record
7. Contribution Worksheet
8. Employee Business Expenses – generic format, can be customized 
9. Employee Business Expenses – Police Officer – example of customized
10. Conventions, Conference and Education
11. Miscellaneous Expenses #1
12. Miscellaneous Expenses #2
13. Summary of Casino Gambling Activity Log

SCHEDULE C – (some of these forms can also be used for employee expenses)

1. Allocation of Expenses
2. Automobile Expense Worksheet
3. Auto Mileage Log
4. Business Expenses of a Freelance Writer
5. Business Travel Record
6. Computer Use Log
7. Election to Deduct Organization Expenses 
8. Employee Expense Report
9. Employee Time Card
10. Home Office Deduction Worksheet
11. Cell Phone Log - in “landscape” format - sent separately.

SCHEDULE D – 1. Cost Basis Worksheet


1. Owner-Occupied Multi-Unit Rental Property Expense 
2. Statement of Rental Income and 
3. Statement of Rental Income and Expenses – Vacation Property
4. Multi Family Building


1. Alternative Minimum Tax Worksheet
2. Does Not Have To File
3. Statement of Dividend Income
4. Statement of Pension Income – in “landscape” format- sent separately

Please be aware that these forms, schedules, and worksheets are copyrighted material, and are for your internal use only – and cannot be “shared” with other tax pros or firms.

Send your check or money order, payable to TAXPRO SERVICES CORPORATION, for $3.00 and your email address to –

PMB 304
JERSEY CITY NJ 07306-2806

Hey, for $3.00 you can’t go wrong!


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