Monday, March 25, 2013


As promised in my January client letter – any returns not in my hands as of the end of today (March 25th), with all the information needed to properly complete the return, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDED.
Any packages I receive in the mail from now on will be put in a separate box and extensions for these returns will be submitted to the IRS on April 13th.
From now until April 14th I will be unavailable and inaccessible.  I must become a “1040 machine” and devote 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week to preparing 1040s, with the absolute least amount of interruptions.
My answering machine will be on (from this Thursday on) – but I will only respond to messages with information on a return I am working on or questions about a return I have already prepared.  The machine will be on “silent mode” – so I will not be listening to messages as they come in.  I will review the messages at the end of the day and respond if I consider it appropriate.
Of course I will not respond to “are we there yet” messages, or emails, unless we are actually already “there”, or I have a question in order to be able to get “there”.
It is my goal to end April 14th with no workload-related extensions filed.  Wish me luck!
Thanks for your continued patience.


Monday, March 4, 2013


The "to be done" boxes are getting full (one each now for returns received in February and returns received in March) - although the "red-file" box contents are reducing.
So once again I must lock myself behind closed doors Monday and Tuesday this week as well as Wednesday.  I will be unavailable and inaccessible until Thursday - so don't call me until Thursday.
Back to work!

Friday, March 1, 2013


One month down - one and a half to go!
As I say good-bye to February I have either done, received, or made arrangements with almost half of my client list. 
I have completed 84 returns.  That is only an average of 3 per day.  I need to double that average! 
And there are not too many red-files (need more information).  I have been keeping on top of them - and completing the returns as the information arrives. 
I am too tired to count the number of returns in the "to be done" box - but they are piling up.  So don't be surprised if I add some additional "locked behind closed doors" days - or even a full week - before mid-March.
As it is every Wednesday I am "locked behind closed doors" and totally unavailable - so don't call me on a Wednesday!
OK - now back to work!