Tuesday, July 6, 2021


* Kay Bell tells usMost U.S.taxpayers believe tax cheating is wrong” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES –


87 percent said it is not at all acceptable to cheat on their income taxes.


Even more, 94 percent, believe it is a civic duty to pay their fair share of taxes.


Another 91 percent said everyone who cheats on their taxes should be held accountable.”


* And Kay outlines “3 Advance Child Tax Credit moves (& more!) to make in July”.


* Following up on an earlier post titled "The Tax Field Is Broken" Jason Dinesen provides his thoughts “On Clients Hating TheirTax Pro”.


Jason makes an excellent point about the task of today’s sincere and ethical tax pro -


Taxes are hard — I used to be fascinated by the complexity of taxes; now the complexity simply scares me. I spend so much time trying to get things right on tax returns and deal with the constant changes and the complexity and the risk . . .”


* The WASHINGTON POST reports “IRS faces 35 million unprocessed tax returns as backlog swells, watchdog says” -


The Internal Revenue Service closed the most recent filing season with more than 35 million in unprocessed tax returns, as the agency’s backlog grew markedly amid a crush of challenges related to the pandemic and economic relief efforts, a government watchdog said Wednesday.


Erin Collins, the National Taxpayer Advocate, said in her report that about 17 million paper tax returns are still waiting to be processed and approximately 16 million additional returns have been placed on hold because they require further review manually. Another 2.7 million amended tax returns have not been processed.”


* A reminder – don’t call or email your tax preparer to ask where your refund is.




If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.


Every single Republican who does not vocally oppose, denounce and disavow Trump and his lies is equally as responsible as Trump and the current Republican leadership for the damage being done to America, Americans, American values and American democracy.




{editorial note - I have no idea why the blogger system printed the first item in all caps and all italics and the second item in all caps.  This is not how I entered the text.  Blogger is FU-ed - or it really likes Kay Bell.}




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