Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Check this out - I am the subject of GETTING TO KNOW YOU TUESDAY over at Kelly Phillips Erb’s TAX GIRL blog! Thanks, Kelly, for including me in your illustrious group of interviewees.

Speaking of the Tax Girl, she has added still another new feature to her blog. According to her posting “Tax Girl Goes to the Movies” - “This summer, I’m asking you to nominate films for me to review - with a twist. I’m going to blog about the tax consequences of the events in the movies. You know, like the fact that Julia Roberts’ character still has to report her income from prostitution in Pretty Woman… and how Nicholas Cage’s character has to pay income tax on all of his winnings in It Could Happen to You and still has a gift tax issue to wrangle with. Trust me, you don’t get this level of film review from Rex Reed…”

And before I forget, Kay Bell of DON’T MESS WITH TAXES has posted TAX CARNIVAL #20: STARS AND TAXES FOREVER! This Carnival includes my posting on the changes to the Kiddie Tax titled “It’s Not Just for Kiddies Anymore”.


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