Saturday, July 7, 2007


I hadn’t thought about it until it was just discussed on GMA, but today is 07/07/07! It will be a banner day for gambling and weddings (hey – isn’t marriage the biggest gamble you can take in your life?). Why a big day for weddings? Not, as you would think, because 7 is a lucky number. But for the same reason my father wed on St Valentine’s Day – so he would never forget his anniversary!

* Kay Bell reports on the status of the attempts to do away with the IRS practice of employing private collection agencies in “Private Tax Collectors 1, Taxpayers 0”. As I have stated here in the past, I firmly believe that the IRS, or any other federal or state agency, should not use private outside agencies to collect outstanding tax debt. IRS Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olsen in a report to Congress also contends that the IRS use of private collection firms is “fatally flawed, risking much for a small return on investment” and should be stopped. She has urged Congress to repeal its authorization of the program. While we have lost the first round, hope still exists. "There is clearly a consensus in the Congress to end the ongoing abuses in the IRS' private tax collection program, and that consensus won't be thwarted by procedural gimmicks," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md. "We are determined to end this kind of bounty-hunting activity once for all."

Kay also reports that my savior and I would have been up that familiar creek if she had been stopped for speeding while racing me to the Williamsburg VA train station (see my TRAVELLING MAN posting) in “
Virginia's Speeding Tax Could Be Very Costly

* Dan Meyer of TICK MARKS pointed out that this past Monday, July 2nd, was “the hump day of 2007; 182 days completed when [July 2nd] started; 182 to go when [July 2nd] concludes.” BTW, the title of his blog has nothing to do with lyme disease or any other result of insect bites. It refers to a notation that those of us who are old enough to remember doing books and spreadsheets by hand would make if everything in a column added up.

* The Small Business Taxes and Management website has added a Frequently Asked Questions Special Report on “Tenancy in Common or Joint Tenancy” which discusses the various ways of holding property in joint name.

* Over at the TAX PROF blog Paul Caron brings us the latest on idiot Washington DC administrative law judge Roy Pearson in “Judge to Appeal $54 Million Lawsuit Against Neighborhood Dry Cleaners Over Missing Pants”. You shouldn’t be so surprised at such ridiculous actions by a judge – weren’t most judges lawyers first.

* FYI, there have been several comments/questions in response to my posting on "Amending Your Return". You may want to check them out and see my answers, which are also posted as comments.


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