Monday, September 17, 2007


Here is a “buzz” item that I couldn’t wait until Saturday to bring you:

Kristine McKinley of FINANCIAL TIPS FOR WAHMs (which I now know is Work At Home Moms, although her blog’s advice and information could probably also help WAHDs as well) wants to cut her grocery bill. Her blog has initiated a contest titled "My Best Grocery Money Saving Tip". To enter all you have to do is give a quick tip about how you save money on your grocery bill in the comment section of the blog. It can be about using coupons, shopping at wholesale clubs, using a price book - whatever works for you.

According to Kristine, “The person with the best tip will win $15 delivered via PayPal on September 22. All tips must be received by 9PM Friday, September 21. You may enter as many tips as you want (one tip per comment please). Be sure to either leave a link to your website/blog or your email address in your comment so that I am able to contact you if you're the winner.”

I am a WAHTP (Work At Home Tax Professional), or perhaps a WAHA (Work At Home Accountant). If I worked in the Accounting Department at Wal-Mart would I be a WAWA (Work At Wal-Mart Accountant)? Is a Danish Young Professional Work At Home Dad a DYPWAHD? How about a Wealthy Internet Genius Work At Home Mom – a WIGWAHM! Sorry for having so much fun with this – the possibilities are endless.

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Kristine @ FinancialTipsforWAHMs said...

Thanks for posting about my contest! I've gotten some great tips so far, but would love more, so please visit!