Wednesday, September 12, 2007


All of the 2006 GD extensions for which I received "stuff" have either been completed and sent to the client, with a bill, or have been moved to a red file (need more information) and the clients have been notified of the additional information needed – this a little more than one month before the extended filing deadline of October 15th!

But there is no cause to celebrate yet. Just as I get caught up I start to hear from clients who filed their own GD extensions, or are just late. I got a package of 2006 “stuff” from a client in today’s mail – and I also got an email from a “lost lamb” who apparently has not filed 2005 or 2006 yet. And I heard from a client who is finally “ready to get his 2006 return done”. None of these are going to be 1040As!

When will it ever end?

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