Monday, September 3, 2007


As is my usual custom on these 3-day holiday week-ends, I have been laboring away.

I cleaned up my home office area, filed away all finished returns, and organized the “to do” files. In the course of doing so I found that a GD extension that I was waiting for had actually arrived! As of this writing, with the one newly found exception (which I will tackle on Thursday), all GD extensions for which I had actually received the client’s 2006 “stuff” are either completed or in a “red file” (where the project I had left for last currently rests)! I even did a few amended returns.

I am very pleased with my progress this week-end. To reward myself I will take tomorrow, Tuesday, as a day of total leisure. I will go out for breakfast and dinner, and may even go to a movie (a bargain matinee, of course). Nothing whatsoever to do with 1040s, 1120s or any other tax form for me tomorrow! This also means no posting – so “talk” to you again on Wednesday.

Before I go here is a parting comment on Labor Day from the Tax Foundation’s TAX POLICY BLOG posting “Tax Freedom Day: A Different Kind of Labor Day” - “This year, Americans worked until April 30—32.7% of the year—just to pay taxes. One important question we should consider this Labor Day is: Are the government services that taxpayers receive worth this amount of labor? And are the fruits of our labor used efficiently by federal, state and local lawmakers?”

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