Sunday, November 4, 2007


I just finished adding some websites to my special report SURFING USA.

SURFING USA is a compilation of useful, interesting and humorous sites I have come across during my travels on the web. The report identifies and describes links to free online calculators, sites on Personal Finance, Tax Planning and Preparation, and the World of Entertainment, as well as websites that are Just For Fun.

For only $1.00 I will send you SURFING USA as a “pdf” email attachment. Plus, I will also “attach” a free copy of DON’T FORGET TO DEDUCT: 20 OFTEN OVERLOOKED ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS.

Send your $1.00 (check or money order payable to Robert D Flach) and your email address to SURFING USA, ROBERT D FLACH, PMB 411, 72 VAN REIPEN AVENUE, JERSEY CITY NJ 07306-2806.

If you find THE WANDERING TAX PRO helpful this is a perfect way to help support this blog.

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