Friday, November 23, 2007


A few of my previous postings have generated some interesting comments.
For my posting “
ASK THE TAX PRO – STATE TAXES FOR A NJ RESIDENT WORKING IN NYC” I have received and responded to several additional questions about NJ and NY state taxes, particularly on the issue of “nexus” - the connection required to exist between a state and a potential taxpayer such that the state has the constitutional right to impose a tax.

Over at “
ASK THE TAX PRO – ALLOWED OR ALLOWABLE” I have been carrying on a discussion on the issue of depreciation recapture as it relates to the home office deduction for a one-man corporation with a CPA.

I am disappointed that I have not received any comments on my suggestion that we do away with the depreciation deduction for real estate on the 1040 in my post “
HERE IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.” I had especially hoped to hear the opinions of my fellow tax bloggers.

I welcome comments and questions on any of my postings. Let me know if you agree with me or think I am dead wrong, or if you need further clarification on the issue discussed. You are certainly welcome to “weigh in” on the above two discussions.

You may want to review my post “
BTW, todays posting at ANYTHING BUT TAXES is a discussion of acronyms.

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