Monday, November 12, 2007


I just finished writing and have begun “shopping around” an article on Tax Blogging in which I said:

“The ‘blogosphere’ has a Tax Man (although he has not posted in quite a while now), a Tax Girl, a Tax Mama (is there a Tax Papa?), a Tax Playa (or the “blogger formerly known as Tax Playa” - he has since changed the name of his blog to the “Tax Info Blog”), a Tax Prof, and a Tax Guru. I expect any day now to come across a blog by Deducto the Tax Dog or Ira the Tax Cat, not to mention the Tax Monkey.”

It turns out that there actually is a TAX DOG, although he is Lizzie and not Deducto. TAX DOG is the name of a blog not about taxes but about “turning a shelter dog into an office (and home) pet”. It is written by fellow tax blogger Trish McIntire, who also writes OUR TAXING TIMES.

I have a tax cat. I started out with three, but sisters Thelma and Louise have since gone to their final audit. I now work out of my home so my cat, an all black - with a spot of white on her tummy – 14-year old named Nosey, is already an office cat. I often come into the room to find her sitting on my desk or in my chair. At one point I had a convertible couch (actually a gift from a client to my mentor many years ago) in the office and Nosey would sit there during the “season” while I did tax returns. Sometimes she would talk to certain clients who dropped off or stayed around for a "sit down", but most of the time she would just sleep.

When you get a chance check out the TAX DOG.


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