Friday, January 25, 2008


Q. Several years ago a tax rebate check was sent out - much like the ones planned for this year. I am married and my husband was not working at the time. I was making less than $20k per year. We had a 17 year old daughter living at home. We never received any rebate check and were wondering who we should contact about it. Everyone tells us we should have received a check. Thanks so much.

A. You have got to be kidding!

The last round of rebate checks was sent out in 2001 – almost 7 years ago! It is a bit too late to do anything now.

FYI, it is possible that the IRS withheld any rebate to which you would have been entitled to pay for an outstanding federal or state tax debt or any number of outstanding federal payments.

Just a reminder – please do not send me any more ASK THE TAX PRO questions until after April 15th. Any that I receive between now and then will not be read – but will just be stored in a file until after the tax season.

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