Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Jason M. Blumer of THRIVEAL has posted “The Carnival of Small Business Issues (Helping Small Business Move Mountains) - 32nd Edition”. The Carnival includes my post on Starting the Year Off Right from my Schedule C blog THE FLACH REPORT.

Jason says, “Robert D Flach offers good reminders for all you self-employed people - start NOW tracking your income and expenses for 2008. Tax time (in 2009) is no time to get organized. He reminds us of the possibility of IRS audits for the nano business owner, and that you want to be prepared should the IRS chose to show YOU a little extra love this year (i.e. auditing you, that is). Great advice worth heeding.”

BTW, you should check out my last two days’ postings over at THE FLACH REPORT. I discuss recordkeeping for special situations and the home office deduction.

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