Friday, February 1, 2008


As is my custom, due to the demands of the tax filing season I will not be posting to THE WANDERING TAX PRO, or my other blogs, until the end of April. Between now and April 15th I barely have time to relieve myself let alone blog!

I realize that I am abandoning you at a time when you may need me the most – but I need to make a living, and my blogs certainly don’t pay any bills!
My clients should visit the
TAX SEASON UPDATE Page on my tax practice website to keep up-to-date on my progress during the season and to learn of any changes or additions to my tax season policies and procedures.

FYI, when the Economic Stimulus plan is finally signed into law by George W I will post a detailed analysis on the FEDERAL TAX UPDATE Page at

“Talk” to you when it is all over!

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