Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What usually happens at the end of the tax season is that I am so sick of 1040s that I need to get away or go mad. I head off for my annual recuperative trip to Ocean Grove – but when I return relaxed and refreshed I have lost my motivation to continue with 1040s and the GD extensions drag on.

Last year I waited a few days before leaving for “the Grave” and got some of the simpler GD extensions done before going away. However, when I returned my motivation was gone and the GD extensions dragged on.

This year my cat’s illness caused me to postpone my annual visit to the shore – and I somehow got a second wind! For the first time in my 37 tax seasons I have decided to continue to work on 1040s through the end of April – and take off in May!

I have been doing good – completing two to four GD extensions per day. As expected, many of the returns I start end up being transferred to “red files” – as more information is required. I have been both emailing and postal mailing my request for missing information to clients, and have been completing the returns as the information is received.

I am obviously not working at tax-season pace – but if I can manage to complete and mail out at least two GD extensions per day I will be very happy. I hope to have only “red files” remaining by May 1st.

So if my posts are spotty for the next week know that it is because I am working away on the GD extensions.



chris said...

You're really making me feel guilty. I'll send you some good cigars with my payment.


Robert D Flach said...


All gratuities gratefully accepted!

BTW - you should be "on the table" on Friday.