Saturday, June 21, 2008


TAX GIRL Kelly Phillips Erb has just completed “The Great Blog Off” – a project of the b5media group of blogs in which each member blogged once every hour for a 24 hour period. This “blog off” was used to support the charity Accion International. It was like a “walk-a-thon” only with postings not miles.

Kelly provided a marathon of ASK THE TAX GIRL posts, which included lots of valuable information.

In one of the posts the TAX GIRL was asked “Can you name other web sites that you read?”. Her answer included the following –
You’ll get straight talk from Robert Flach at the Wandering Tax Pro - which I appreciate.”
Thanks, Kelly, for including me on your list. I am honored that you think TWTP is worth recommending.
And keep up the good work.

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