Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Something under the YHGTBFK category just caught my attention.

I read on my mail.com homepage that idiot convicted tax evader Richard Hatch, the poster boy for the lack of intelligence shared by all participants in reality television, has appealed his conviction to the United States Supreme Court!

What is there to appeal? Millions of the great unwashed saw him win the $1 Million prize on the first SURVIVOR, which he failed to claim on his Form 1040 along with other obviously taxable income! How stupid can you be?

I expect that the Supreme Court will ignore this new plea for attention.

The article also mentioned that Hatch was writing a book about “his experiences with the legal system”. A word of advice to the cafone – if anyone buys the book and you receive royalties be sure to declare them as income on your tax return!

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