Saturday, June 7, 2008


* THE DIGERATI LIFE blog has a guest post from Heather Johnson on “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Avoiding a Tax Auditwith some good advice that bears repeating.
* Paul Caron, the TAX PRO, has discovered an interesting take on who is responsible for the passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Check out his posting “Who Was Most Responsible for Reagan Tax Cuts?
* Think your taxes are too high? In his post “
Happy Tax Freedom Day Czech Republic” at the Tax Foundation’s TAX POLICY BLOG Scott Hodge reports “To Americans who complain about high taxes in the U.S. I say, ‘it can always be worse’. While American taxpayers celebrated Tax Freedom Day this year on April 23rd, our friends at the Liberal Institute in Prague have announced that Tax Freedom Day will arrive on June 7th in the Czech Republic.”

* An article on by “Tax Mama” Eva Rosenberg
(is there a Tax Papa?) titled “I Am Going To Sue” discusses a tax situation that is really very common.

* Gina Gwozdz responds to a question on the “
Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit” in her TAX TIPS blog. Her answer also points up the fact that you should never listen to tax advice from anyone other than an experienced tax professional.


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