Monday, July 21, 2008


My post “1040 FYI: SUMMER DAY CAMP AND THE CHILD CARE CREDIT” appeared in the following Blog Carnivals this week-end:
* “
Carnival of Financial Planning - July 19 2008 Edition” at the Skilled Investor’s PERSONAL FINANCE BLOG (the first entry in the category of TAXES – the last category of the Carnival).

* “Carnival of Financial Learning #8 - Cute Kitten Edition” – a new one for me - compiled by “average Joe” Faron Benoit at FINANCIAL LEARN (the last entry in TAXES, again the last category of the Carnival). I liked the cat pictures – and found the Editor’s Pick post "Question to You - Does a Stripper Pole in Master Bedroom Increase Value of a Home" an interesting topic.

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