Monday, August 25, 2008


I have come to the realization that I have spread myself too thin with my multiple blogs, tax and otherwise. I have decided to pull the plug on ASK THE TAX PRO and ANYTHING BUT TAXES.

I will continue to answer ASK THE TAX PRO questions (with the same rules and regulations – click here to read what they are) when they arise on THE WANDERING TAX PRO, and will also occasionally post comments, ramblings and resources on topics from blogging to cats, personal finance, politics, religion, television, theatre, and travel here also – most prominently narratives of my travels and theatre reviews.

The ASK THE TAX PRO “experiment” has been interesting. Prior to setting up the separate blog, when I did an ASK THE TAX PRO weekly feature on Wednesdays at TWTP I received frequent questions, both general and specific. Actually I received the most submissions during the tax season, when I specifically said that I would not be doing any posting to TWTP, let along answer ATTP questions. I did manage to “stockpile” the questions submitted during this period and answered many of them in my posts to the ATTP blog.

When I set up the separate ATTP blog, and required a small payment for my service, the questions stopped completely! I guess the blog reading public is only looking for free advice and is not willing to pay even a token amount for the benefit of a tax professional’s knowledge and expertise.

In addition to specific tax questions sent via postal mail I will also accept general email tax questions, for which there will be no fee.

I will continue to maintain my THE FLACH REPORT blog for Schedule C filers and the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG for tax professionals preparing NJ returns, and will attempt to post to them more often in the future.


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