Monday, August 11, 2008


This past week-end nothing got done!

Friday I had a wedding at Chelsea Pier in NYC (a great location). It is on 23rd Street and the waterfront (Hudson River). I thought I would take the PATH to the 23rd Street station – not realizing that the station was on 6th Avenue and it was 5+ loooong blocks to the water! I certainly got my exercise this Friday, as I returned home the same way – getting back to my apartment at 2:00 AM.

Saturday was a “post-wedding” luncheon cruise on the Spirit of New York – a two hour cruise from Chelsea Pier (this time I was smart – I took the bus to the Port Authority and a taxi to Chelsea Pier) around the Statue of Liberty, under the Brooklyn Bridge and back. It has been well over 40 years since I have been on such a cruise (the last time was probably the Circle Line as a child) and the skyline of Hudson County has certainly changed!

Sunday I had planned to drive to PA for the day and see a show at the RITZ PLAYHOUSE in Hawley – but I was too tired from the wedding activities that I decided to stay home and watch the “PDW” (PBA great Pete Weber) bowling marathon on ESPN Classic.

I have changed my telephone service (which is only plugged in during the tax season anyway) from AT+T to Vonage – to save over $300.00 per year. Luckily I have been able to keep my existing phone number. I know the phone number has been successfully switched over because I got an email announcing a “voice mail” message.

I just got the “box” from my mail drop this morning – but have been unable to get the new system up and running. I hooked everything up this morning, following the instructions, but no luck. I will give it one more try tomorrow or Wednesday night with some newly purchased extension cords before I will be forced to spend the $100.00 (1/3 of the savings) for “professional” hook-up service. Wish me luck.

I am not particularly worried about an interruption of service, as even when Vonage is set up I will keep the machine unplugged – no incoming calls - although I am currently unable to call out. I receive and can send faxes via email – so that is not a problem.

I have an overdue calendar year 2007 Form 1120 – one of the very few corporate returns that I still to do because of a personal relationship – to complete (I finally got most of the information needed from the client), and two fiscal-year 1120s (FYE 6/30), also with personal connections, to work on. The client with the late 2007 return has promised the rest of the needed information via email later today or tomorrow.

I have to open a checking account for my new corporation at WAMU down the block – but it has been pouring on and off today and I have a good parking spot (I am good until tomorrow at 1PM) and do not want to lose it.

I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Wayne and Pike Counties in PA in a week and a half – so I definitely need to spend at least a full day cleaning the “living area” of my apartment (kitchen, bathroom and living room/bedroom) so it is at least presentable for the “cat feeder” who comes in to feed Nosey during my absence. I think I can hold that task off until the week-end. The office area was cleaned up a while ago.

And of course there are the GD extensions! I remain unable to get fully motivated. There are two that involve Schedule Cs that need to be addressed ASAP and one that I need to review and identify what cost basis info is still needed (a lazy broker involved). Plus there are a few 2210s to be worked up.

I will try to devote tomorrow late morning through the afternoon to the two Schedule C GD extensions. Wednesday, as usual, I am gone all day.

What I need to do is put aside blogging (writing and reading) for the rest of the week – so, unless there is breaking news that needs to be reported and/or commented on you will not hear again from me until Saturday’s WHAT’S THE BUZZ.


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