Friday, August 1, 2008


Fellow tax blogger Bruce McFarland of L & R Tax Preparation in Grandview, Missouri asked me to write a guest post on the “stimulus” rebate situation for his TAX GUY blog.

I am truly honored by the request – it is my first guest post!

So check out my guest post “That Was The Economic Stimulus Rebate That Was”, which is currently up and running.

While you are over at TAX GUY take a look at Monday’s guest post by Kevin of
No Debt Plan who wrote about the stimulus plan’s “Good Intentions, Terrible Execution”. He provided an excellent alternative to the rebate – “If the government directly pushes spending into bridge infrastructure across the nation, that creates jobs. The employed workers spend their earnings in the economy. Everyone wins.” Remember your history – it was government programs like the WPA that got us out of the depression.

And be sure to check out the “achieves”, especially these postings-

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· Are You Having Enough Withheld

You might also enjoy his Fun With Math posts. And Bruce also does a WHAT’S THE BUZZ type week in review on Sundays.

FYI – I am available for quest posts on tax topics of your choosing at other tax and non-tax blogs (and welcome guest posters here at TWTP as well as ASK THE TAX PRO and THE FLACH REPORT). I am also available, for a fee, to write 1040-related articles, columns and Q+As for your print or online newsletter. You can contact me at with details if you are interested.


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