Monday, February 9, 2009


Some comments on comments -

If you have submitted a comment that includes a tax question and it has not been published this does not mean that I have ignored you. During the tax filing season I barely have time to relieve myself let alone deal with tax questions from non-clients that require some thought, research or verification. I am “stockpiling” these questions in an “inventory” and will answer them, if appropriate, in ASK THE TAX PRO posts after the end of the season. So if you are looking for an answer to a question about the 2008 tax return you are working on don’t expect me to answer it in time for the April 15th deadline – ask your tax pro the question.

FYI, THE WANDERING TAX PRO is not a substitute for your software’s technical support department. For one thing – I have never in 37 years used tax software to prepare a return, so I have no knowledge of any tax software package and wouldn’t know how to help you even if I wanted to. And anyway, software technical support people get paid good money to deal with your questions, and in most cases the help is free.

While I do welcome comments in which you disagree with either my personal opinion or interpretation or application of tax law, I will only post comments that actually add to the discussion and not ones that are nothing but negative criticism.

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