Thursday, April 16, 2009


It appears that the State of New Jersey will institute a Tax Amnesty program. NJ has had success with such programs in the past.

Here is the word from the NJ Division of Taxation -

“Governor Jon S. Corzine recently signed a bill into law that requires the Director of the Division of Taxation to establish a tax amnesty period, not to exceed 45 days in duration, which shall end no later than June 15, 2009. As a result, the Division of Taxation has announced the Tax Amnesty program will begin on May 4, 2009, and end on June 15, 2009. In accordance with the law, amnesty “…shall apply only to State tax liabilities for tax returns due on or after January 1, 2002 and prior to February 1, 2009 and shall not extend to any taxpayer who at the time of payment is under criminal investigation or charge for any State tax matter, as certified by a county prosecutor or the Attorney General to the director.”

In accordance with the provisions of the law, the program will offer a waiver of all penalties, referral cost fees, and one-half of the balance of the interest that remains due as of May 1, 2009, provided payment of all tax owed and one-half of the balance of the interest that remains due is paid in full during the amnesty period. In addition, all filing requirements must be satisfied for delinquent returns.

More information will be posted on a special Web site that is being planned and developed. In addition, a public awareness campaign is planned and is expected to be implemented on or about mid-April.

The Division of Taxation plans an outreach mailing to all taxpayers who are known to have amnesty-eligible deficient and/or delinquent accounts. In addition, a phone number will be established for the public to reach a special Call Center where representatives will be trained to answer specific inquiries. The Call Center is expected to be established on or about the week of April 27.”

Click below for more information -

2009 Tax Amnesty – General FAQ
FAQ for Special Situations & Tax Practitioners

Now if only Congress would institute a federal Tax Amnesty Program!



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