Saturday, April 25, 2009


Limited BUZZ lately. Many tax bloggers, who are also practicing tax professionals, are taking time off to recuperate from the tax filing season.

* I found Mike from MONEY TLD echoing advice that I have been giving for years in the last TAX CARNIVAL from Kay Bell. Mikes tells us “
Don’t Spend Just To Get the Tax Deduction”.

* The same TAX CARNIVAL led me to “Don’t Guess on Your Taxes” at MIGHTY BARGAIN HUNTER (“I pity the fool who charges me retail!”). He ends his post with some great advice - “If you don’t understand everything you’re putting on your tax return, shell out the money to get it looked over by a competent professional. It really isn’t worth it to guess.”

* Blogger Chris Weigant offers a self-described “flight of fancy” in “
A Modest Proposal For Simplifying The Tax Code” over at the HUFFINGTON POST. Thanks to Rick Telberg of CPA TRENDLINES for pointing out this editorial in a Twit (Tweet?).

* Roni Deutch reports that THE “
Tax Credit for Ford Hybrids Begins Phase-Out” at her TAX HELP BLOG.
* TAXGIRL Kelly Phillips Erb is up to California in her “State Tax Primer from A to W”.

* The Spring 2009 issue of “Tax Watch”, the Tax Foundation's quarterly tax policy newsletter, which presents the Foundation’s our economic research and analysis in a simple, non-technical format, is now available to download.

The issue includes the following articles:

· Federal Tax Reform on the Way?
· State Budget Shortfalls May Spark Tax Reform
· America's Tax Freedom Day Arrives Early
· Experts Talk Stimulus, Reform in Recent Tax Policy Podcasts
Click here to download the issue.

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