Friday, June 12, 2009


I just wanted to let you know –

(1) I am available to write a regular column or specific article or series of articles on 1040 issues for your, or your organization’s, print or online newsletter or magazine – for a fee, of course. The column or article(s) can be tailored to your unique audience. You can name the type of column (i.e. Q+A) or the specific topic(s) of the article(s). Just send me an email with your request/requirements and your payment schedule.

(2) I am available to write a “guest post” for your blog on a 1040 topic of your choosing – no charge.

(3) I welcome the submission of guest posts on tax-related topics for publication here at TWTP from fellow bloggers. I would like to develop an “inventory” of guest posts to use when I am “wandering” or too busy to post

You can email me at


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