Monday, June 7, 2010


OOPS! I forgot to include an obvious but important point in my response to the email from MK –

In order to build a list of loyal 1040 clients from referrals you must know what you are doing and do it right.

You must be more than just competent in the preparation of individual tax returns, and you must keep up-to-date by taking more than a token number of federal and state continuing education classes and taking advantage of the many online tax news resources. Join the National Association of Tax Professionals (and if you do, use me as your referral).

You must show interest in and concern for your client’s tax and financial situation. Don’t simply be a data entry clerk, typing the information provided by the client into a computer program and accepting what is spit out. Dig for legitimate deductions and credits and make sure your clients take full advantage of all that is available to them in the Tax Code and state tax law.

You must act honestly and ethically with your client and with the IRS and appropriate state agencies.

As a companion to HOW I GOT MY CLIENTS I suggest you also read my post DEAR GRADUATE.

Ok, that should cover it.

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