Friday, June 4, 2010


I must be getting desperate for topics about which to post.

A recent tweet led me to a blog post titled “Not Worth the Time for Small Businesses to Embrace Social Media”.

I am currently on Twitter as “rdftaxpro”. I am certainly not on FACEBOOK or MY SPACE, and never will be.

On Twitter I follow only fellow tax bloggers. None of my family members are “twits”, as far as I know (and I have occasionally done a search) – at least in this sense (sorry for the bad joke), and I am not aware of any clients who tweet (also searched). I am certainly not looking to make new friends in this manner. I have plenty of friends as it is, thank you.

I use Twitter mainly as a resource for updated tax information and BUZZ items. I am not looking for new 1040 clients, or for any 1041, 1065, or 1120 clients at all. I do use Twitter to promote THE WANDERING TAX PRO, the NJ TAX PRACTICE BLOG, and my articles at MAINSTREET.COM, and to share interesting tax-related posts and online articles between BUZZes.

I will admit that I do enjoy “tweeting” with fellow tax pros and bloggers. And I do, on occasion, find tweeting as a good way of venting – although I try not to abuse the privilege.

I have absolutely no use for FACEBOOK or MY SPACE, and cannot understand why anyone who is not a high school or college student would have any. I certainly have no intention of making personal information available to the great unwashed masses. If I want to share information or pictures with family and friends I can always send them an email.

As I said, I am not looking for new clients. But if I were I certainly would not do so via these types of sites. As it is I could probably get up to 100 new clients simply by telling current ones that I am accepting referrals.

If I am looking for a plumber, or an investment advisor, or any type of consultant or vendor the last place I would look is on FACEBOOK or the like.

So, to those of you who are above the age of 21 with FACEBOOK or MY SPACE “pages”, could you please explain why (via email, please)? It is really Greek to me.