Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A pretty skimpy BUZZ this time around – it being summer and all.

* The fabulous Stacie Clifford Kitts speaks for all serious bloggers with her post “Flabbergasted Reputable Tax Service Company Acting Like an A-Hole” at STACIE’S MORE TAX TIPS.

Hello, the comment section of a blog post IS NOT FREE ADVERTISING SPACE FOR YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS. If you want to capitalize on my time investment and my readership, contact me and I will be happy to discuss the fee for advertising on my site.”

Amen, sister!
I also find I often get comments that are looking for free specific tax advice - when the commentor should be paying his/her tax pro for the answer. Do doctors who write medical blogs get frequent requests for free medical diagnosis?

* Kay Bell reports that “IRS Opens Toll-Free Oil Spill Hotline” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

If you have tax issues related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, you now can call the IRS directly for answers at 866-562-5227.”

Kay tells us that – “the IRS is working out details for its previously announced special oil spill assistance day on July 17.

On that Saturday, IRS employees will be available in seven Gulf Coast cities -- Mobile, Ala.; Panama City and Pensacola, Fla.; New Orleans, Houma and Baton Rouge, La.; and Gulfport, Miss. -- to work with taxpayers and tax preparers to resolve tax issues related to the oil spill

* Bruce, the MISSOURI TAX GUY, provides a Sunday treat with his weekly “Reads From Last Week” chock-a-block of goodies.

I found “How 16 Great Companies Picked Their Unique Names” from WISE BREAD and “How to Choose a 529 Plan And Save Now For Future College Costs – Prepaid vs. College Tax Savings Plan” from SAVING TO INVEST especially interesting.

* The title of this article from CNN MONEY, which appeared as part of the ACCOUNTANTSWORLD.COM daily headline news, caught my eye – “IRS Starts Mopping Up Congress's Tax-Reporting Mess”.

Author Neil deMause talks in detail about the new 1099 reporting “mess”.

* OOPS! I forgot to tell you about my item “Unclaimed Property: Can You Cash In?” that appeared at MAINSTREET.COM last week.



Stacie Clifford Kitts said...

Thanks for the link!!!! Don't we all hate spammers! As usual, a great Buzz.

Griffin T. said...

I'm happy to see the government response to the oil spill is so effective. I wonder how long the wait on the toll-free line is..