Monday, January 24, 2011


The Republicans have begun their campaign to kill BO’s convoluted health care “reform” bill. The House has already voted to repeal the Act.

While I agree that something must be done regarding health care I am not a supporter of further complicating the already mucking fess of the Tax Code to do so.

The major problem with health care in the US that needs to be addressed promptly is that many individuals cannot afford to purchase health insurance (especially here in New Jersey). Because of the increased and increasing cost of health insurance it is no longer regularly offered as a free employee benefit. Many of the “uninsured” are self-employed individuals.

The only way to encourage the purchase of health insurance is by actually giving the uninsured cash to pay for the premiums. I propose that the idiots in Congress enact a direct government payment to insurance companies of the first $X,XXX of premiums for every household.

The Cash for Clunkers program of a few years back proved that the government could provide credits to individuals for a specific purpose without going through the Tax Code. I discussed how a similar program to provide a direct credit for health insurance premiums back in September of 2008 in my post “I Guess There Is Always An Exception” -

How would this work? I would go to the Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield website, for example, and apply for health insurance. After entering my information and choosing the coverage and deductible I would receive a quote. If I chose to enroll the annual premium would be reduced by the amount of the government credit ($2,500 or $5,000 proposed by McCain), and my monthly premium would be determined accordingly.

Or coverage would begin immediately, but monthly premium payments would begin once the credit amount was used up (i.e. the credit would pay the first three to five months of premiums). At some point the insurance company would apply to the federal government for direct payment of the credit amount.

Of course there would have to be a system to determine if any portion of the credit amount had previously been used by the insured during the appropriate calendar or fiscal period (it would have to be decided if the credit amount is applied on a calendar year or policy year basis)

Of course this seems too simple for the idiots in Congress to consider. And we know that they can never do anything simple (although based on performance many of the members of Congress could be so described).

What do you think?


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Anthony said...

I think your plan does not adequately disguise what it is. A taxpayer funded transfer of wealth to the health care companies.

Yes, the current health care bill is effectively the same thing. But at least it better disguises itself.