Monday, January 31, 2011


Just one more thing . . . he said, Columbo-like.

I finally remembered to submit a post to Kay Bell’s Tax Carnival. What a surprise when I checked my email inbox first thing this morning and found that “Tax Carnival # 80 - Tax Horror Stories Edition” was up – but not at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES! Instead it is at MY PERSONAL FINANCE JOURNEY (“Personal Finance, Intelligent Investing, And Frugal Living Tips”) written by Jacob. a 24 year old engineer.

And my entry on “What To Give Your Tax Preparer” was the Editor’s #1 Pick!

In this very well-written, detailed piece, Robert explains what is necessary to give and not to give your tax professional when preparing your taxes. Read and learn!

Thanks, Jacob.

As an Editor’s Pick I am in good company. Be sure to check out the other two posts that share the honor with me.

The Carnival is called “Horror Stories Edition” because it features tax horror stories in between the entries.

The posts in this edition are all from personal finance bloggers. Kay Bell and I appear to be the only tax-bloggers represented.

I will have to check out DON’T MESS WITH TAXES to see why Kay is not the host of this edition.


Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey said...

Great job with your article! Look forward to reading more from your site!

SKB Editorial Services said...

RDF, I took a break after Jacob asked to host and I was (and still am) staring down the updates of the state pages for Bankrate. Timing is everything! ;-) I'll be back on 2/14. Please submit then!