Friday, May 13, 2011


Oh, oh! I have begun to notice symptoms of “manana” disease. Twice this past week I have told myself, “I will get up early and put in 10 hours at the desk tomorrow” as I spent an afternoon in front of the “tube” – but did not follow through when tomorrow came.

It was bound to happen once I was away from the desk (however much needed) for a few days. When I return I have lost most of my motivation to go back. After doing one thing, and one thing only – that is prepare 1040s - 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for almost 3 months there comes a point when you don’t want to look at another 1040.

As of this writing there are 15 GD extensions in the “to be done” box. I have been completing "red-filed" returns as the missing information is provided. I do believe that I can motivate myself to do 2 sets of returns a day, every day (with one day a week off) between now and the end of May, and end the month with nothing but “red files”.

Wish me luck!

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