Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As I am sure comes as no surprise I did not finish those GD extensions that I had hoped to by June 1st.

While I did work throughout the Memorial Day week-end and the week that followed, and did make some progress on completing GDEs during this period, for the most part I did other work – including much-needed house and computer cleaning.

I have determined which GDEs need more information, and have sent out requests to the clients. I have reviewed and organized the non-GDE work that piled up during and after the tax filing season – amended returns, IRS and state correspondence, corporate accounting work, etc – and completed some of it.

As you read this I will be on the road to Sullivan County New York for a 4-day getaway – which will be Totally 1040-Free! I have scheduled posts for the rest of the week – a BUZZ for Wednesday and reruns of contribution-themed posts for Thursday and Friday. While I will be back on Saturday I doubt if I will be able to get together a week-end BUZZ installment.

When I return to my desk on Saturday I will take up the GDEs – there about a half-dozen that can be done – and do one per day.

To my GDE-ed clients – thanks for your continued patience. To my TWTP readers – “talk” to you when I get back.

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