Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am running out of other non-current 1040 “stuff” to do to avoid the GD extensions! I am almost caught up on IRS and state tax correspondence and amended returns.

It appears to me that, like in old movies, cartoons and sitcoms, I have a tiny “mini-me” on each shoulder, whispering in my ears.

One mini-me has wings and tells me that I must “buckle down” and complete the GD extensions, saying that my clients have been very patient and have waited long enough for me to get off my arse.

The other has horns and tells me that there is always “manana” (tomorrow). There is no hurry to get the GDEs done.

I must allow the winged mini-me to win this argument. I truly must “buckle down”, no matter how much I do not want to be doing any more 1040s at this time, and “get ‘er done!”. My clients have indeed been patient, and have waited long enough. For the most part these returns were not received at the last minute, and the excessive delay is truly my fault. My sincere apologies to these patient clients.

So now that I am caught up on all other “stuff” (except for the two corporate returns will have to wait until July) there is no more excuses for not devoting my full attention to completing the GD extensions. I must force myself to get in gear by locking myself away for the rest of June, even if it means checking into a cheap motel to avoid distractions (as I used to do many, many years ago when I got backed up).

I have “scheduled” posts in my re-write the Tax Code series for the next several days – so while I may be locked away you will still be able to get your TWTP “fix”.

To be sure I am ahead of last year, GDE-wise. And next year I will not have this problem – as I will be thinning the herd and making other changes to my 1040 practice – so there will be no GDEs (other than a few fed-files) in the “to be done” box on May 1, 2012!

FYI - I do NOT read what I assume to be "are we there yet" emails from clients until I am actually "there".

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Knobby said...

Same boat as you are with only exception that mime showed up on last day of filing and I'm still waiting for them to get more info that I need to complete them. But I do have other 2008 returns to do but find it very hard at this time of year...