Monday, August 22, 2011


Just in case you are interested -

(1) I have applied “Pepto Bismo” for some temporary relief from my computer’s diarrhea issue. But when it does run it is “FSAM” x 3 – three times as slow as before the diarrhea set in, when it was running only FSAM. I can run the computer in “Safe Mode”, but since the fire in my building on Friday (another story) I cannot access the internet in this mode. I can use WORD, but cannot print.

When I can access the internet for brief periods I must make the most use of my time, so I do not “wander” the web looking for BUZZ. And when I am using a public computer I am not going to pay to surf without a business-necessary purpose. So until the situation is fixed I am afraid there will be no BUZZ.

I will be contacting the “Nerd Herd” (or whatever they are really called) early next week for a house call. Wish me luck.

(2) I have either completed, or red-filed, the remaining GD extensions. So now all that is left are red-files (need more info) and extensions for which I have not yet received any information. So the balls are in the courts of the clients.

Of course, this said, as soon as all was up-to-date I received a package in the mail with the “stuff” of one of the “not yet received” clients. There is truly “no rest for the weary” – or is that “wicked”? At this point the newly received package will just have to wait until other matters, like the three corporations that are due in September, are done.

(3) Now that I think of it, I really do want to get the three corporations done before the end of the month. But when my computer is running relatively normally I usually spend the entire morning online “wandering” and emailing and researching, etc. I can access my general ledger program in “Safe Mode” – so if I wait for a week before calling in the “Nerd Herd” maybe I can get the corporations done and out on schedule!

(4) I will try to publish some posts with tax info or commentary during the processing of fixing the computer FU – so you do not suffer complete TWTP withdrawal.

So that’s the story.


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