Thursday, September 22, 2011


Traci Wheeler recently posted “5 Tax Professionals Share Their Thoughts on TheirProfession” at the INTAXICATION blog (“Tax Buzz With A Twist”) of RED MOON SOLUTIONS, LLC.

Several weeks ago, I wrote ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go…in Tax, a post where I talked about the need to excite kids today about math in an effort to fuel the talent required for future tax departments. While it did not generate many comments here on the blog, there was quite a bit of discussion in one of the LinkedIn groups for tax professionals about what people going into their profession should do and consider. I enjoyed the feedback I got so much that I decided to write a follow up post so I could share some of their thoughts with our readers.”

The post ends with a great item -

And finally, a great ode to Dr. Seuss, tailored for the tax professional, left by Patrick A. Haggerty. It sums it up in a nut shell –

Well, it does have its ups and downs
and decisions, good and poor,
but certainly one can soar,
But to do tax,
one has to know facts,
we cannot grow lax,
but also must know we need time to relax
’cause during the season (and not without reason)
We get so many Form W-2′s
that sometimes we simply end up with the blues,
But the field’s wide open, whatever your strengths
even though those in Congress seem to go to great lengths
to make changes galore – and then more and more
‘til reading the fine print makes our eyes sore.
Although with our Congress much change is a surety.
What it adds up to is great job security.

INTAXICATION also has a great post of “Famous Tax Quotes to Amuse You”.  Here is my favorite –

Taxation with representation ain’t so hot either.” Gerald Barzan

Especially with today’s representatives!


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David K. Waltz said...

See - who says people good at math aren't creative?