Sunday, September 18, 2011


Two recent items concerning reality tv -

+ The CW has launched the first new piece of reality garbage of the season – H8R (read “hater”).

Apparently its purpose of this program is to show the world that a drunken slut who acts like a total fool on television is really just the “girl next door”.   The first “hated one” is Spooky from JERSEY SHORE.  

I don’t hate Spooky and the other sluts and skanks (of both sexes) who populate these steaming piles of excrement.  I have contempt, and absolutely no respect, for these idiots.  I don’t feel sorry for them – by electing to appear on reality tv they have “made their bed” and deserve whatever ill will they inspire. 

Perhaps the most offensive part of all is the fact that the idiots on JERSEY SHORE are paid $40,000 per episode to act naturally while thousands of individuals with actual talent and ability, who could contribute something of value to society, are out of work. 

+ Recently controversy about a costume chosen by a pageant mother brought our attention to TODDLERS AND TIARAS.

Shows like TODDLERS AND TIARAS and DANCE MOMS have two purposes –

1. To humiliate the idiot parents (or with DANCE MOM also the idiot teacher) by highlighting their outrageous behavior, and

2. To titillate pedophiles. 

The very existence of a pageant circuit for toddlers is bad enough, on so many levels.  Shows that exploit the circuit should not be on the air.

The problem here is with the issue of censorship.  While I am a strong supporter of free expression, when it comes to children I would rather err on the side of censorship.


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