Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Not too much BUZZ this time around.

+ Have you checked out the September issue of LOIS yet?   

+ I did an internal search for myself at FORBES.COM and found two blog posts referencing me and my opinions that I had not previously seen.

They are “Back to School: Do Tax Preparer Exams Keep Taxpayers Safe?” by TAX GIRL Kelly Phillips Erb” and “Tax Simplification Proposal” by Peter J Reilly.  Please check them out.  And I apologize to the authors for not acknowledging the mentions sooner.

As for Peter’s tax simplification proposal – it is an interesting, but as he points out, unlikely one.  I have not given it much thought, but my initial reaction is that I would not support it.

+ Kelly Phillips Erb explains “Back to School: Education Savings Bonds” at her FORBES.COM blog.

“When you cash in educational bonds in order to pay education expenses, you may be able to exclude the interest for federal income tax purposes. The bonds that qualify for the exclusion are those in the series EE issued after 1989 or a series I bond. The bond must be issued either in your name (as the sole owner) or in the name of both you and your spouse (as co-owners) and the owner must be at least 24 years old before the bond’s issue date (you’ll find the issue date printed on the front of the savings bond).”

+ And Kelly brings us good news (and completes a trifecta) in “New Jersey Says No To Tax Credit for ‘Jersey Shore’”.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has decided against a $420,000 tax credit for the hit MTV show, Jersey Shore, taking his veto pen to the credit after a call from the state Senate and taxpayers in the state.”

Right on, CC!

I am sure the producers lied in their credit application when describing the show.  Nobody in their right mind would give government funds to such a steaming piece of excrement with absolutely no “redeeming social value”.

+ So this doesn't become an ode to FORBES, Trish McIntire takes on the topic of “Using Your Home for Business” at her MOM AND POP’S small business blog.

Her bottom line –

Office in Home can be very confusing and as mentioned in this post, there several sets of rules. So, please check with your tax professional to see if you qualify.”

+ Nothing to do with taxes – but a tweet from a client took me to “11 Cruelest Aspects of Biggest Loser” at 11 POINTS (“Because Top 10 Lists Are For Losers”), which helps explain why the biggest loser is the person who watches the reality tv excrement known as THE BIGGEST LOSER (and this, apparently, includes the blog’s author). 


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