Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have absolutely no use for “social media” such as My Face and Spacebook.  If I want to publicize my business I will use a website, and if I want to share pictures and information with friends and family I will use email.

I do, however, find Twitter very useful, not as “social media” as such, but, as a tax professional, to keep up-to-date on tax developments (it is a good way for taxpayers to keep up-to-date as well), and as writer of this blog to find items of interest for the BUZZ posts.

NATP has advised, via a “tweet” that previously registered tax preparers can now renew their PTIN onlne.  This is the first I heard of this development.

You must first log in to the PTIN system.  I tried but found that I did not have an online account.

Apparently, if you obtained your PTIN via paper Form W-12 last year (as I did) you must apparently wait to receive a Letter 4762 in the mail for instructions on establishing an online account.

So either click here to renew, or wait to receive the Letter 4762 in the mail.



Tom said...

Got it done, plus signed up for my tax classes and I'm on my way.

Good or bad I've decided I'm in for the long haul, I figure if the Universal Life Force so permits, I'm good for another 20 yrs of tax work...

Robert D Flach said...



I only expect 10 more seasons - so when I retire I can say I had been preparing 1040s for 50 years.