Sunday, November 6, 2011


A tax blog post on divorce issues began with the following -
Kim Kardashian's divorce drama is all over the news right now.  Everyone from CNN to the New York Times is covering this 72 day union.”

What is wrong with this country?  Why is CNN, the New York Times, and this tax blog spending any time and space whatsoever covering the latest obvious scam for cash from a greedy, self-absorbed, no-talent, self-respect and self-control challenged reality television slut.

Who gives the proverbial airborne sex act what this nobody does with her life?  She is not an actress, musician, or entertainer – not that being one would necessarily justify wasting so much airtime and newspaper space with this nonsense.  The only discernible ability Kardashian has ever exhibited, via a viral video, is a certain oral proficiency.

I also see other "reality" skanks, with similar limited abilities, like THE JERSEY SHORE’S main airhead Spookie, or whatever she is called, frequently being discussed on news programs.

Is the American public really as stupid as this would suggest – turning these rectal cavities, who contribute absolutely nothing to society, into celebrities earning tons of money for simply behaving like the morons they are?

I am still waiting for anyone to explain to me exactly what “redeeming social value” the steaming pile of excrement known as "reality tv" provides.


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