Monday, December 17, 2012


An online article at NATIONAL JOURNAL dated Saturday told us, “Week five of the fiscal-cliff negotiations came and went without any resolution”.

Today is December 17th.  The month of December is more than half over.  There are only two weeks left in the year.  And the idiots in Washington have not done a damned thing to avoid the serious problems that will result from the expired and expiring tax laws and the other issues involved with the so-called “fiscal cliff”!

I have nothing but the utmost contempt for the idiots in Congress.  There is no legitimate excuse for their incompetence, inaction, and total disregard for the American public.  These arseholes take our money, in the form of inflated paychecks and extensive entitlements, and bitch and moan and bicker and blame and basically do absolutely nothing but play with their private parts. 

The lyrics from the musical 1776 echo in my ears – “Piddle, twiddle, and resolve.  Not one damned thing do we {they} solve!

Both the Democrats and the Republicans, and their leaders (pictured above), are equally incompetent and equally to blame. 

We had the opportunity to throw many of the bums out this past November, but we (not me; my actions in the election booth, or rather in my case on the election table, reflected the concept of GRIP – Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians) re-elected most of them.  I suppose the thinking was the devil (incompetent idiot) we know is better than the devil (incompetent idiot) we don’t know.

We have all along assumed that these fools would eventually at least temporarily extend most of the already expired “extenders”, most important of which is the AMT patch, and the expiring “Bush” and other tax cuts for at least all but perhaps the “richest” taxpayers.  Well eventually is here!  

What will happen if nothing is done?  The tax filing season will not be able to start for most filers until March of 2013, seriously delaying refunds.  The withholding tables for 2013 will either be too little or too much, resulting in either underwithholding or seriously reduced pay checks.  The federal income tax liability of just about every American taxpayer will increase by potentially thousands of dollars (for the average middle class taxpayer too, and not just the “wealthy”).  And that is only the beginning.  Even if the problem is temporarily fixed retroactively in 2013 there will be delays, possible withholding FUs, and other consequences. 

In short, it will definitely not be a happy New Year!

What more can I say? 


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