Friday, June 21, 2013


* I tell you “What the IRS Should Do About the RTRP” at ACCOUNTING TODAY.

BTW – In response to the editorial Dan Alban of the Institute for Justice “tweeted” me – “Another good article. Your two-tier certification proposal & renaming of the EA designation might rescue it from obscurity.”

And Tracey Shannon Levey of Parker Tax Publishing “tweeted” – “Yes I do agree with you. Your solution addresses so many issues that all three designations would find satisfying & less costly.”

Do you agree with me?
Unfortunately the discussion in the comments section has devolved into garbage and nonsense.  I must accept partial responsibility, as I went off on a tangent in some of my responses.

* Claire Berlin lists the “Seven Specific Requirements for a Payment to be Deemed Alimony” at the NSA (National Society of Accountants) BLOG.

* Over at MARKETWATCH.COM the internet’s TAX MAMA Eva Rosenberg wants to know “Are You Smarter Than a Tax Pro?”. 

We are certain that you are smarter than the members of Congress!

Eva provides a tax quiz to help you “Find out whether or not you should be doing your own taxes”.

* Tim Maurer, a personal finance blogger for FORBES.COM, lists “7 Reasons I Dumped Facebook”.

Nobody offended me.  I didn’t have a bad experience.  While I’m not thrilled about the idea of Big Brother watching my every move, I’m not particularly paranoid about social media sharing.”  Tim has other reasons.  

My opinion – there is no good reason to join Facebook in the first place.

* Michael Cohn brings us “IRS at Nite: The Lost Episodes” at TAXPRO TODAY.

The IRS has promised not to produce any more embarrassing staff-produced videos like the “Star Trek” parody or the one of employees line dancing at a conference.  Michael “thought it would be fun to speculate about some of the videos that the IRS never got the chance to produce”.

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