Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I welcome, and solicit, legitimate, responsive comments to my posts, and to my tax tips and articles at 

And not just if you agree with me.  I also want to hear from those who disagree with my opinions and proclamations.  And I certainly want to know if I have, or you believe I have, made a factual error in any tax advice or information I have provided.

I also want to hear from tax pros who have been in similar situations and perhaps handled an issue differently.

Unfortunately almost every comment I receive is true “spam”.  They are usually a very general compliment, often written in poor English, followed by a link to the sender’s website.  The person sending the comment has not read my post, but only wants to use my “traffic” to promote their own, sometimes probably legitimate and sometimes “shady”, enterprise.

I obviously identify these comments as spam to and delete them.

So, if you have actually read a post and disagree or have something to say or contribute to the discussion, please, please do submit a comment.  But please, please be intelligent and mature in your submission.

Do not submit a situation-specific tax question as a comment.  As I state in the right margin - I do not give free tax advice to non-clients by e-mail, comment response, or phone.     

And spammers – don’t waste your time or mine.  Your non-responsive self-serving comment will never be published!


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