Friday, September 13, 2013


Oi vey – I just noticed.  It is Friday the 13th!

* If you haven’t already done so please check out my new monthly online “magazine” THE LAKE REGION SOMETHING.  It has a couple of items on federal income taxes.

Learn about how to search for “unclaimed property” (I found $4,500!), the difference between debit and credit cards, and when it is ok to say “never”, among other things.

If you like it let me know - and tell your friends, family, and co-workers about it.

* Bruce Bartlett gives us a history lesson in “Depreciation’s Place in Tax Policy” at the New York Times’ ECONOMIX.

For years I have suggested doing away with the tax deduction for depreciation of real estate.   See my 2007 post “Here Is Something to Think About”.

* As TAXGIRL Kelly Phillips Erb says, “better late than never”.  Her “Podcast 1.04: This Week In Tax News + More On Moving Expenses” has finally appeared.     

* It’s not too early to begin thinking about year-end tax planning.  Over at TAXPRO TODAY Roger Russell starts us off with “New Year-End, New Headaches”.

* AVALARA lists the “17 Craziest Sales Tax Facts”.  And they are “tweetable”.

* Jason Dinesen continues to keep us up-to-date on same-sex marriage tax issues – talking about state developments in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

* William Perez of ABOUT.COM – TAX PLANNING:US shows us that brevity is truly the soul of wit with his concise post reminding us of another upcoming tax deadline –

Self-employed persons who previously filed an extension can fund their SEP-IRA as late as October 15, 2013, and have it be deductible for tax year 2012. The maximum contribution is 20% of the person's net self-employed income, with a maximum 2012 contribution limit of $50,000.”

No need for a link – that is the entire post.

* The post “Will It Fly Tax-Wise? It Depends” from Steve Parrish at FORBES.COM did not go where I thought it would.  I posted a while go that the answer to any tax question is “It Depends”.

Instead Steve tells us - 

There are various sources of tax information, and it’s important to understand either how certain or how indefinite that source may be.”

And goes on to list and explain the various sources.


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