Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here are some “tweets” worth repeating – starting with a pair of my own:
#DearCongress - There is no question that you are self-absorbed idiots incapable of independent thought!

#DearCongress - If you idiots cannot perform your duties properly you all should be impeached en masse!

#DearCongress - Must be nice to still get paid while the rest of us have to cancel vacations and are out of work.

#DearCongress - America’s greatest failing: believing that any political party actually represents her constituents best interests.

#DearCongress - Toss the Tea Party!

#DearCongress - You are inept, irresponsible, self-serving, corrupt, and utterly unable to act as mature adults.  Thanks for your "work."

#DearCongress - Everyone PLEASE vote for the non-incumbent in 2014/2016 election Break party lines, whatever you need to throw these bums out.

#DearCongress - Voting next election will be super easy. All incumbents out. See ya.

#DearCongress - Congress shows lack of concern for constituents. No incumbent should be reelected next year, regardless of party affiliation.

#DearCongress - Grow up and get your shit together or leave!

#DearCongress - I will not vote for any incumbent Senator or Congressman on the next election.Not one of you deserves the position.

#DearCongress - How much long will America stand for this incompetency? We pay these representatives?  For what?

#DearCongress  - All of you "were born ignorant and have been losing ground ever since."

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