Tuesday, October 8, 2013


All the BUZZ has been about the government shutdown caused by the idiots in Congress (especially the Republicans giving in to the disastrous and dangerous Tea Party contingent).  Not much else to talk about.

This is pretty much the last week of the “extended” tax season – so I will not be posting, or doing much “tweeting”, except for the BUZZ as I finish off the last of the GD extensions that I can complete in time for 10/15.

* TAXPRO TODAY acknowledges the end of my other blog THE TAX PROFESSIONAL in their weekly BUZZ-like “In the Blogs” -

Fond farewell to a pro of tax who always spoke the plain truth.”

Thanks to TAXPRO TODAY for the kind words.  But I will continue to speak the plain truth here at THE WANDERING TAX PRO.  And I will continue to write for www.Mainstreet.com.

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* I came across a great column from Nicholas D Kristof on the current mucking fess in Washington in last Friday’s TIMES TRIBUNE titled “Inept Even at Blackmail”.

Nicholas reminds us “our National Zoo closes while the congressional zoo remains open and (infuriatingly!) pays itself”.

And –

In any case, at the National Institutes of Health, two-thirds of the staff is furloughed. That means that as long as the shutdown continues, 30 children each week -many with cancer - won't get access to clinical trials.”

And he observes –

Let's be clear. This is not government as usual. I've watched politicians for decades and have seen any number of backstabbings, scandals, vituperations, and Machiavellian machinations. But I can't think of the last time a major political party undertook a serious campaign to damage the U.S. economy, unless the other party gives in.”

* While the IRS will not be processing returns with refunds, or actually issuing refunds, during the shutdown, Janet Novack of FORBES.COM tells us “Can't Stop The Machine: During Shutdown, IRS Computers Still Churn Out Tax Liens, Levies And Bills”.

The title says it all.

* Janet’s FORBES.COM blogging colleague, the tax blogosphere’s favorite Taxgirl Kelly Phillips Erb, gives “The View from the Trenches: What The Shutdown Has Meant So Far For Taxpayers”.


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