Monday, December 1, 2014


Well, it is December.  And the idiots in Congress have not yet dealt with the issue of the “tax extenders”.

At this point the issue is not whether or not the “tax extenders” should be extended.  The issue is that, because of the inaction of the idiots we have elected to federal office, the IRS printing of 2014 tax forms and instruction is delayed, as is the updating of the Service’s software systems.  The result will be a delay in ability of the IRS to process 2014 tax returns – which, thanks to Congress, has now become the norm and not the exception.

And the issue is the total folly of passing temporary tax benefits.

As I recall, historically, when the idiots in Congress were more responsible (or, more appropriate, less irresponsible), by October the IRS was able to issue the final tax forms and corresponding instructions for the year, and all necessary adjustments to the IRS systems had been implemented.

This is just another in a long list of examples of the fact that the idiots in Washington have absolutely no concern for the proper administration of the government, or for the American public.

Since we have sent most of the same idiots back to Congress this past election do not expect this fact to change any time soon.


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